And hElloOoOoOoOOoo~ I’m so happy because I have something meaningful that I can share here on my bloooogg!! Hehe thank you Lord for a productive weekend!!

Friday, February 28, 2014 my parents allowed me to stay OVERNIGHT at my friends house for our Lit project. This is the first time. First. Time. And I am so happy and grateful!! Thank you ma and pa!


And so, we went to kath’s crib to do our lit project, it’s a video project actually, of the wedding dance. Since the setting of the story is on a barrio, we need a ‘grassy’ place and we did most of the since during the night and early in the morning, it is obvious that we only got few hours of sleep which is again new to me. #greatexperience


11:00 pm in the evening, it was so cold, we were like in baguio LOL. *please do not mind my feet and my orange slippers* It was so dark so we had to use emergency lights and even the car light. #omg


Lumnay and Awiyao. We had to cut the scenes (so much) coz the main characters kept on forgetting their lines. Haha but it was okay! And now, we know how it feels to be an artist, crew and director. So damn tiring. #feeling


Dslr and the car with lights on. Again my extreme love for dslr’s came back, I badly want one!! #hahaha

Happy Sunday everyone!!


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