I couldn’t think of what should I say about these pictures yesterday lol that’s why I am posting this now. What, what am I saying??

Anyways, these pictures were taken during my week. Haha, obviously. Can everyone agree that I have (at least, for me) the cutest socks in the world? I have the green one too! I don’t even want to start on the middle picture.. coz it is obviously a shameless selfie with- wait I think that’s a dog? Or omg what the heck is that haha wait tiger maybe? Right, it is a tiger! Idk and idc. And of course my candy mag, bought it for forty pesos only. Hahaha, you know why!!

Well this post is not so meaningful, but it’s okay because i am happy, actually more than happy, coz we have no class tomorrow!!! Hayd. Bye ok bye


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