Month: April 2014

I’ve been seeing this “happy list” concept-thingy on some of the blogs that I follow and I promised myself that I should do the same thing as soon as our summer break starts, and here I am fulfilling my promise on the 3rd day of this break. But hey, better late than never.

I wanted this list desperately because it would be easier for me to appreciate the little things that I have and to track down random things that can make me happy. Hihi ❤

  1. Finally having a happy list. I am so excited to have this, tbh!
  2. Meeting your bff’s after such a really long time
  3. Wacky’s sweetness (my cat)
  4. Waking up with whatever time you want!
  5. Sleeping late because I can’t help myself but to watch movies.
  6. Consistently writing on my diary for 3 mos already ❤
  7. Chocolatesssss everywhere
  8. Feeling cold with such a hot weather haha what!!!
  9. Amo yamie crib!!! Love the interior and the cute designs.
  10. Milk tea, coffee, milo, swiss miss, cookies, ahhhh ❤
  11. Bonding with my family every freakin’ timeee, feels so good.
  12. God’s faithfulness!! God’s great dance floor is my new favorite christian song.. :-))

That’s it. I am definitely looking forward for more happy list!!! Thank you ate Camie with this great idea!! (fc ako haha) Bye 🙂