that’s the thing about “finacc”, it demands to be felt

  • FINACC. Heto nanaman tayo e!! Why can’t you just love me back kase. I’ve been loving you for 1 year already but still 😦
  • NEW FRIENDS. It’s so hard to be separated from your best friends especially when you’re with them since first year.. hayy. Sepanx! But it feels great to have new friends and all.
  • SCHEDULE. So, for the 3rd year students I guess it’s already normal to have a evening sched.. so far, I like it naman. For two days this week we did not have our classes and that’s a big factor already to love this new schedule that we have. Although, I’m still not used to it.
  • 3 MAJORS. I can’t feel pa naman the pressure of having more than 1 major, since I have three amazing profs, all is well.
  • 7TH FLOOR. It is so obvious that for this semester, being late is not allowed. Bruhh. Nope, I won’t use the stairs. Never. (iwish) Well, the good thing about my room and my schedule is that you can clearly see the beautiful sunset. Di ko pa napipicturan. But soon, okay? Okay.

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