My life lately includes watching movies, reading wattpad stories, surfing the net, eating, spending time with my family and of course, my cat and also I’ve been spending more time with myself and my bed.


I am so so so satisfied and happy that this semester is officially over. I honestly can’t wait for sembreak and I am really glad that I finally get to experience the break that I’ve been longing for since the first day of class (hahaha I know). This has been the fastest but hardest semester for me. So.. lemme at least tell you something about my journey for the past five months of my life. But the sequence of events are quite, well, chaotic.. Haha


It was actually okay to have three major subjects especially when you got great teachers to teach you. I got to appreciate tax and mafin more than finacc may be because they are ‘quite’ easy to understand. But what made this semester difficult were my minor subjects. Na-feeling major. Their requirements are always out-of-this-world. And I just can’t take that.


And here’s why I also enjoyed this semester: my newly found friends, the entry-buddies!! Well, I thought I am never going to enjoy this semester but in some mysterious ways I did. I think, there really is a reason for everything. Me, being separated from my friends helped me not to always depend on others; there are times when you need to lift yourself up alone.



Haha taking a lot of selfies has been one of the highlights of this semester too. This was taken on my birthday and I got the cake from them. Sweet friends.


After school, I got to celebrate my birthday with my family. This is so far the simplest birthday celebration I ever had. But it was fun. And I am now a nineteen year old young lady who is still passionately in love with the ever handsome, talented and kindest person I know, Zayn Malik.


Ma’am Shane, one of the best profs ever. Super. I love her so much. The best the best the best.


My brother, JM.


Wackyyyyy loves


And I’ll be ending my blog update with a shameless b&w selfieeeee!!

Happy sembreak! xx


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