Month: November 2014


Let’s talk about how I spent my sembreak and the day after that, which is school. Haha!

All I can say is I got all the time I needed to rest, to sleep, to watch, to eat, to do everything that I want. In short, things which are not related to school. Instead of starting to review for our qualifying exam next year, I’ve decided to make this break as an opportunity to give myself a rest. I’m not gonna be productive if I’m going to review anyway. Besides, I’m not yet in the mood to do anything related to school. I had a really tough semester so.. I guess I deserve a little break.

I don’t know how I’m going to start this little recap regarding my bakasyo.. oo bitin! Okay, I cut my hair and yeah (I’m too shy to say it), had a time to watch tv series (I am in love with TWD and suits and the mentalist!!!!), fan girl-ed so much about one direction’s new music video, bought the shoes that I like (OMG!!!), of course Halloween (I don’t like it), spent time with my family and my pets, started my journal (I am excited), and realized that I need to go back on track, I am going to lose if I didn’t and it is not healthy for my life anymore. To sum it up, I had a fun, simple, and a “me&Him” time semestral break.

About school, Idk but I don’t feel anything about going back to school. I guess I am still hoping that they would miraculously extend the break for at least one more week because I’m still feeling weak. Joke. And now that it started, all I can say is sana bakasyon nalang ulit.

Good day!


I was a grade five elementary student (if I am not mistaken) when I first watched Naruto, and from then on I became a great fan of Anime. Naruto just ended last two days, again if I am not mistaken, and couldn’t believe that it really is over. It was my first favorite anime and it was the anime that got me into more animes and mangas. I am making this post because I felt the need to thank its mangaka and to everyone who became part of the amazing and epic story of Naruto. Thank you for making my childhood fun, Masashi Kishimoto! Thank you for 15 years of adventures with my ramen boy, for sharing your world with us, for letting me feel how to be a ninja every time I watch Naruto and for teaching me not to give up with my hopes and dreams. Thank you, Naruto. I will surely miss you. Thank you for the memories and great episodes!

PS: See you soon?