Let’s talk about how I spent my sembreak and the day after that, which is school. Haha!

All I can say is I got all the time I needed to rest, to sleep, to watch, to eat, to do everything that I want. In short, things which are not related to school. Instead of starting to review for our qualifying exam next year, I’ve decided to make this break as an opportunity to give myself a rest. I’m not gonna be productive if I’m going to review anyway. Besides, I’m not yet in the mood to do anything related to school. I had a really tough semester so.. I guess I deserve a little break.

I don’t know how I’m going to start this little recap regarding my bakasyo.. oo bitin! Okay, I cut my hair and yeah (I’m too shy to say it), had a time to watch tv series (I am in love with TWD and suits and the mentalist!!!!), fan girl-ed so much about one direction’s new music video, bought the shoes that I like (OMG!!!), of course Halloween (I don’t like it), spent time with my family and my pets, started my journal (I am excited), and realized that I need to go back on track, I am going to lose if I didn’t and it is not healthy for my life anymore. To sum it up, I had a fun, simple, and a “me&Him” time semestral break.

About school, Idk but I don’t feel anything about going back to school. I guess I am still hoping that they would miraculously extend the break for at least one more week because I’m still feeling weak. Joke. And now that it started, all I can say is sana bakasyon nalang ulit.

Good day!


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