1. Being able to post another list on my “happy list” category

2. The gift of life, family and friends

4. Being able to live for another year

3. Having 2015 planner

4. Turning from being lazy to being productive

5. Having a long list of goals for 2015

6. Shopping

7. Loving myself more

8. Being able to complete my 2014 diary

9. Accomplished goals for 2014

10. Being alone

11. New beginnings

12. Coming home after a long day in school

13. Cold weather

14. The thought of summer vacay

15. My brother and my cat

16. Great series and movies

17. Bringing back my anime addiction

18. Sir Agua’s jokes

19. Having good people around me

The last ‘happy list’ I posted was seven months ago, it’s no wonder why I felt a bit happy as I try to write the things that made me joyous for the past couple of months.

Anyway, have a happy year y’all!


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