April 23, 2015: It was almost 11 o’clock pm when I received a message regarding a one-day trip with my best frands. I expected that we’re going to have our own summer vacation trip but I did not anticipated it to be this early. Apparently, they are planning on going to Fontana Waterpark on April 24, which means at that time it is “tomorrow”. And we haven’t even planned properly yet. Besides, I am not sure if I’ll be able to come since I have a kind of parent who needs to be informed a week before the trip. Hahaha. But I guess that night was different. Yes! 

Finally, we’re able to spontaneously plan our long delayed getaway!

We decided to meet at 9 am and we all did our assigned tasks for that day, like buying tickets, food, swimming attire (haha)! By 10:30, we all got hungry so we ate at Jollibee and come 11:30 am we’re finally on our way to our destination.

It took at least less than an hour to get there since we don’t have our own wheels. Good thing my friends know exactly how to get there.

Finally getting there made me feel like a giddy four-year old girl who just got her favorite barbie doll. It felt amazing and we all felt the excitement rushing through our veins.

We can’t stop taking pictures of the place and ourselves! Sobrang vain lang namin. We look like some kind of crazy girls who’s obsessed with taking pictures everywhere!!

This photo was taken before finding the right jeep that will take us to fontana. Just look at our happy faces. All smiles!

Since only one person bought our shirts, we all have the same design except for the color. It’s like we’re part of a volleyball team or something.

My dowk

By this time we all got hungry (again) so we ate outside the waterpark. As you can see I have a mark on my left arm to indicate that we’re gonna come back. Lol

So in love with the color of our shirts!

Lol we’re waiting for the bucket to get full and look how nervous and excited we were.

The lazy river. We had to hold hands because the waves might separate us from one another and we don’t want that. Also, my left foot was already hurting in this photo (hindi halata haha), I’ve got a small wound from stepping on the sharp stairs. 😦 But you see, nothing can stop me from having fun. So yeaaah!

Because my left foot hurts so bad, me and jaja decided to rest first on our mini “cottage”. I also got the time to take some of these photos alone, yay for me time.

Such a nice place, isn’t?

By 4:30 pm we started preparing our things and ourselves to go home.

Syempre selfie pa din!

Yay!! We also got the chance to take some pictures with some of the basketball players. According to Kat, they’re part of the San Mig group. Hehe

Ending this post with a selfie!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

All in all, we all had a wonderful and an amazing day! Who knows being spontaneous has its own advantage too??

PS: This trip would not be possible without the guidance of our Lord. So thaank youuu so much, Lord! ❤


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