He left


I was thinking of making a separate post about this one. But Mr. Procrastination got in the way and Mr. Brain cannot function properly since the qualifying exam. Besides, Mr. Heart is slowly moving on with all the frustration it felt since the breaking news. Yes, Zayn Malik officially left One Direction. Without any clues or preparation, he left us. I really don’t know exactly what I felt that day. I was confused, dumb-founded, disappointed, and most of all hurt.

You see, Zayn is my most favorite among the band members. At first, it was just about his good looks then I properly heard his beautiful singing voice then I discovered how unimaginably kind he is. In fact, he is the kindest member of the band (at least for me). He is a family man, a one-woman man, and a believer of God. He is not exactly as what the media presents to us. If you’re not a fan or you’re just someone who knows Zayn Malik you will probably think that he is a bad boy and a guy who smokes and does bad things. But I’m telling you, he is not. Well, he smokes (obviously) and he does bad things to other people who hurt his friends or family. I know he is not perfect and maybe that’s the reason why he kind of left us. He’s tired of all the issues that the media throws at him and his family, he’s tired of all the inconsiderate fans, he is tired of leaving his family behind during tours, and he is tired of making other people happy to the extent that he’s not happy with what he is doing anymore, and thus slowly losing himself.

Just like all of us, he is trying to find himself once again. It may not be the right thing for us (his fans) but maybe it is the right thing to do for him. I am not ultimately agreeing with his decision, you know. I am still hoping that he would come back to 1D again. But then, as I said, it’s not my (our) decision to make. And we do not obviously have the right to dictate him.

Anyway, I still wish you all the best Zayn and I hope this path that you chose will genuinely make you happy! I am still a fan you know! Let’s see where this direction can take us.


Your ultimate fan and forever nakama

Menia ❤

(Well, in the end I made a separate post eh? Hahaha!)


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