Just Maybe


I found this manga long ago and to tell you the truth I was not eager to read it at all. Well, mainly because it’s still ongoing and I can’t stress enough how much it bothers me when I read an ongoing manga (except for one piece, like hello???) But yesterday, out of boredom, I went to mangafox site to find an interesting romance manga and then out of the blue (just like how yaya dub appeared right before alden’s eyes!!!!) I saw Orange (TAKANO Ichigo). I was immediately hooked with the story, which I prefer to not reveal because really I’m bad at making reviews/summary. I tend to spoil everything using one sentence. So to be clear guys, I am making a recommendation here.

I am not the crying type when it comes to romance manga like this. My heart would just hurt and will feel the same thing as what the lead character is feeling. Guys ya’ feel me?? But I can tell that I am a passionate enough to feel the characters’ role in the story. Anyway, I am making a recommendation here, am I right? Let’s get to the point, shall we?


Reasons why I highly recommend this manga for everyone to read:

1. If you’re someone who loves drama and is willing to be sad throughout the day, weeks, months, years, this manga is for you.

2. The characters’ drawing looks so good. Just look at that picture from above, yeah?

3. The story is appropriate for every generation.

4. It tackles how important it is to be sensitive to the feelings of other people around you.

5. Each character showed the beauty of having true friends in your life.

6. Don’t worry, it may be a sad story but it can be happy too.

7. It teaches us how to value and appreciate our family, friends, and those who love us truthfully.

8. It taught me how important it is to be selfless every once in awhile.

9. If you love someone, tell him/her.


I really really hope everyone would read this manga. It’s one of the greatest stories I have ever read. No bias here, I promise.

and oh before I forget, here’s the link: http://mangafox.me/manga/orange_takano_ichigo/

Happy reading! 😀


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