The Happy List


Here are the things that’s making me happy lately;

1. GOD. I don’t realize this so often but I am beyond blessed, favored, and loved. I am incredibly happy to be back in God’s arms, once again.

2. This might be my shortest sembreak so far but it has been the most productive anyway.

3. My endless pursuit of God’s peace in this messy world.

4. New addition to my study-table-accessories: white board!

5. Tisyu! (It’s a tissue product hehe)

6. Having friends who are different from me. It helped me gain more experiences and understood their perspective in life and helped me broaden my outlook on life.

7. Facial care products 😀

8. New addition to our family, our dogs; trixie and marimar. Haha!

9. Finally cutting my hair shorter and I even changed my hair color, sa taas nga lang bleh epic fail

10. Spending time with my family and friends more.. 🙂

With the current situation of our country or even with your present situation, it might be a little too difficult to find the happiness that you want.. You may think that there’s no way out, or that it’s hard for you to be happy again. But rest assured, because God has offered us a better choice; find God’s peace and be in His arms, and learn that joy comes from the Lord. 🙂


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