The Happy List

The Happy List


Here are the things that’s making me happy lately;

1. GOD. I don’t realize this so often but I am beyond blessed, favored, and loved. I am incredibly happy to be back in God’s arms, once again.

2. This might be my shortest sembreak so far but it has been the most productive anyway.

3. My endless pursuit of God’s peace in this messy world.

4. New addition to my study-table-accessories: white board!

5. Tisyu! (It’s a tissue product hehe)

6. Having friends who are different from me. It helped me gain more experiences and understood their perspective in life and helped me broaden my outlook on life.

7. Facial care products 😀

8. New addition to our family, our dogs; trixie and marimar. Haha!

9. Finally cutting my hair shorter and I even changed my hair color, sa taas nga lang bleh epic fail

10. Spending time with my family and friends more.. 🙂

With the current situation of our country or even with your present situation, it might be a little too difficult to find the happiness that you want.. You may think that there’s no way out, or that it’s hard for you to be happy again. But rest assured, because God has offered us a better choice; find God’s peace and be in His arms, and learn that joy comes from the Lord. 🙂


The Happy List


1. Passing the qualifying exam

2. The joy of knowing God more

3. Having new shoes

4. Watching my favorite animes

5. Spending time with my family

6. Getting back to my personal bubble space after 20 days

7. Doing nothing at all

8. and thus sleeping most of the time

9. or not sleeping at all

10. Purchasing new cute notebooks

11. Saab’s blog

12. Green tea, milo, hersheys, champorado, watermelon & mikmik

13. Not hearing my alarm clock

14. Diy’s, beauty tips & whatnot

Hope y’all had a wonderful summer vacation! xx



1. Being able to post another list on my “happy list” category

2. The gift of life, family and friends

4. Being able to live for another year

3. Having 2015 planner

4. Turning from being lazy to being productive

5. Having a long list of goals for 2015

6. Shopping

7. Loving myself more

8. Being able to complete my 2014 diary

9. Accomplished goals for 2014

10. Being alone

11. New beginnings

12. Coming home after a long day in school

13. Cold weather

14. The thought of summer vacay

15. My brother and my cat

16. Great series and movies

17. Bringing back my anime addiction

18. Sir Agua’s jokes

19. Having good people around me

The last ‘happy list’ I posted was seven months ago, it’s no wonder why I felt a bit happy as I try to write the things that made me joyous for the past couple of months.

Anyway, have a happy year y’all!

Wooops, I finally had some time to update my blog and to add more in my happy list. I’ve been struggling with some issues lately so I guess this is the right time to list down some of my happy moments..

1. Having a good laugh with my new beeeest friends *wink*

2. Clash of Clans, Kim K. Hollywood, 9gag

3. Barney’s Burger, why you gotta be so good

4. TFIOS torrent!!

5. Learning how to accept myself more

6. Ma’am Shane, Sir Rodriguez, Sir Raffy

7. Jonaxxx’ stories

8. 2 words 9 letters: NO CLASSES

9. New york supreme’s pizza oh my

Have a great long weekend, menia! Haha and you guys too x

1. Passing the most difficult and most nerve-wracking exam of my life: Quali! Yay!

2. Baguio escapade.

3. Learning something that I didn’t know I’m capable of: Driving :-))

4. God’s daily message that keeps me going everyday.

5. Sipping cold coffee because it’s summer, haha yes??

6. Learning how to take “tumblr-worthy” pictures, although I still have a lot to learn.

7. Going out of my comfort zone.

8. 1D in Manila on March 2015!!! Deemnnit, I didn’t see this coming!!

9. Catching up with my favorite people.

10. Samgyeopsal!!! Yum!

That’s all, folks!

I’ve been seeing this “happy list” concept-thingy on some of the blogs that I follow and I promised myself that I should do the same thing as soon as our summer break starts, and here I am fulfilling my promise on the 3rd day of this break. But hey, better late than never.

I wanted this list desperately because it would be easier for me to appreciate the little things that I have and to track down random things that can make me happy. Hihi ❤

  1. Finally having a happy list. I am so excited to have this, tbh!
  2. Meeting your bff’s after such a really long time
  3. Wacky’s sweetness (my cat)
  4. Waking up with whatever time you want!
  5. Sleeping late because I can’t help myself but to watch movies.
  6. Consistently writing on my diary for 3 mos already ❤
  7. Chocolatesssss everywhere
  8. Feeling cold with such a hot weather haha what!!!
  9. Amo yamie crib!!! Love the interior and the cute designs.
  10. Milk tea, coffee, milo, swiss miss, cookies, ahhhh ❤
  11. Bonding with my family every freakin’ timeee, feels so good.
  12. God’s faithfulness!! God’s great dance floor is my new favorite christian song.. :-))

That’s it. I am definitely looking forward for more happy list!!! Thank you ate Camie with this great idea!! (fc ako haha) Bye 🙂