Looking back, I really did took a hard left turn instead of turning to the right. It took every fiber of my being to make a decision that was all mine and yet I wasn’t happy. I thought, “If I can’t make myself happy, who will?”.



4th yr, 1st sem in a nutshell;

The struggle of an accountancy student of HAU definitely do not start on the first day of class, it starts when you try to get a line number from the most polite security guard to pay for your most affordable tuition fee and from then on, everything is a battle.


Oh come on! This picture has everything to do with my story, alright? This is not just a simple selfie-while-drinking-coffee photo. Aryt, let’s get into it.



Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 10, “If anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet and move on.” That’s what I’m encouraging you to do today. Don’t try to force a relationship that has ended. Shake the dust off your feet and move on. You don’t need the approval of everyone on this planet; you only need God’s approval. You don’t have to defend yourself because God is your defender.

Today, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. Focus on the relationships that are in your life. Invest in the people around you. Look for ways to sow love and encouragement. Thank God that He is opening doors for you. Thank Him for the right connections in your life. And thank Him for the gift of goodbye because He is ordering your steps and aligning you to walk in the place of blessing He has prepared for you!

Cliche but, I can’t imagine my life without God. Ikaw ba? Ako kase, I always need someone else for support or help. Gusto ko laging may assurance. Gusto ko laging may nakaantabay in case na mahulog ako sa mga life decisions ko. I’m scared to fail but I’m even more scared if I don’t have anyone to lean on in times of my failure. I’m afraid that I might break down kung walang nag-aassure saken. Kaya nga lagi akong nagcconsult sa mga friends ko regarding my decisions pati na din sa parents ko. And it’s such a great feeling to have them and most especially si God. I have His words. His words that lasts forever. Words na alam kong hindi magbabago. Promises na alam kong hindi mabbreak. Assurance na alam kong hindi mawawala. Everytime that I read the bible, laging may promises and assurance that He will never leave me. He was faithful and is still faithful to me, to us. Ang sarap sa feeling. Medyo exaggerated ba? Hinde, talagang ganyan kapag naffeel mo love ni God. Yung no worries ka. Yung bang andami mo ng problems pero yung attitude mo grateful padin. That feeling is so priceless and you can’t compare it with anything in this world.

Right now, I am trying develop that attitude. Being an anyway-praiser, having a grateful heart, and a beautiful, beautiful soul.💖



I can’t believe I almost forgot that I have a blog. Is that even possible? (No? Okay. Sorry, I was joking.)

I have so much to write on this particular blog post but due to lack of time and motivation, I will just make a summary of what has been happening to my life lately. Or not.

So, for the supposed to be year-ender post. This year gave me so many reasons to be grateful for. Obviously, there were some downs but there were always some ups. There are moments that I definitely want to remember for the rest of my life but there were some too that I wanted leave behind and just label them as my past. To be honest, I did not expect anything for the year 2014. I was too scared to expect that something good will happen, although I was hoping. But things worked the way God wanted them to be and for that I am grateful. I know that I am slowly going back on track. I learned a lot of lessons too, if I truly assess what kind of year is 2014, I can say that it’s full of learnings about myself and the people around me. I learned how to love myself more, to focus on permanent things, to know my priorities, to be independent and at the same time to depend on God more.

I also realized that I don’t have to be like someone else in order to be love or to be like by the people around me. As they always say, the opinion of others does not really matter. Also, in life, some things does not work in a way you wanted them to be, that you cannot just control everything. This year also made me more of a risk-taker. If there is one thing that I’ll never forget about managerial finance that is, the more risk you take, the greater return you get. It will always be worth it, I assure you. Lastly, every journey becomes ultimately fun if you share it with the One who loves you no matter what.

Now, I don’t want to spoil anything for myself so I won’t promise anything but I am already claiming it. Just like what I did last year. So this 2015, I am hoping for more answered prayers, life learnings, and happiest of everything!

“When it’s sin versus grace, grace wins hands down.”


Since last week, after prelims, puro panunuod lang ng movies inaatupag ko. I just can’t push myself to do anything that is, well, “productive”. I guess, sobrang napagod lang ako nung last exam. Like parang one month kameng nagrereview?? But going back, gusto ko lang i-share yung super duper inspirational movie na napanood ko ngayon. Ang dami kong natutunan sa movie na ‘to: God’s Not Dead

Yes, I am a Christian but that doesn’t mean na I know everything about God. I may sound ‘awkweird’ right now, dahil I am not really good when it comes to explaining about my faith.. Masyado akong magulo kapag ineexplain ko ‘to. Haha. Pero I am so so so sure about my faith naman. Again, going back, sobrang importante ng movie na ‘to. Yun ata ung pinaka appropriate na word para idescribe ito. Madami kasing mga facts about God dito. Like ung perspective ng mga atheist, ganon. And for example kung naguguluhan ka at madami kang tanong about the existence of God, please do watch this movie. I promise, it will surely help you and your faith. Or kung madaming kume-question about your faith, this movie will help you kung paano panindigan until the end yung paniniwala mo. Konti palang yan, please please guys do watch this movie.

Share ko lang yung mga favorite lines ko:

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is also faithful in much.”

And if I might add:

But in his book “The God Delusion”, Richard Dawkins says that, “If you tell me God created the universe, then I have the right to ask you who created God.”

Dawkins’ question only makes sense in terms of God who has been created. It doesn’t make sense in terms of an uncreated God, which is the kind of God that Christians believe in. And even leaving God out of the equation, I then have a right to turn Mr. Dawkins’s own question back around on him and ask, “If the universe created you, then who created the universe?”

Speechless nako. Wala na. Hay. Thank you Jesus for this movie. Oo nga pala, you can download the movie here!

Godbless your weekends! 🙂

Hi, I am just so happy right now. Thank you, Lord. Thank You. Pagkatapos ng pagkahaba-habang paghihintay, finally, binigay na yung results dun sa qualifying exam namen. At ayun nga ^ ung result ng aken oh?? Omg?? Hindi ko talaga alam papano ko papasalamatan si Lord eh. Alwa ya talaga. Hindi ko talaga ine-expect na papasa ako. Alam ko yon. Yung kahit papano namamag-asa lang ako. Haha, sabi nga diba “hoping for the best but expecting the worst” pero ayun si Lord gumawa nanaman Siya ng paraan. Oooooohhh.

Aaminin ko naging “malamig” ako sa Kanya nung mga nakaraang araw, hindi lang yon, I just kept on doing wrong things. Kahit na alam ko naman na mali, sige pa din. Pero kahit na ganon, di pa rin ako pinapabayaan ni Lord. Ang bigat din ng loob ko ngayon. But I am happy, more than happy ah!! Ah~ basta magulo! Tama talaga, tamang tama, proven and tested, hindi tayo papabayaan ni Lord. Hinding hindi.

Goodevening, 2014!!!

#Wonderful2014 uy, ganda ng hashtag na ‘to no? Nakakaexcite lalo. Haha, okay, kwekwento ko lang ung sermon ng pari kanina haha sabi niya kase this year dapat mas magfocus tayo kay Lord at hindi puro para sa sarili lang. We should depend more kay Lord this year, dapat bago ung plano “ko”, isipin muna natin kung ano nga ba ung plano “niya” para sa atin. Sabi nga diba, “Your will be done”. Alam ko nung 2013 yan ung kulang sa akin eh, masyado akong nagdedepende sa sarili ko, e andyan naman si Lord bakit ko nga ba sinasalo lahaaaat kung may tutulong naman sa aken. Diba diba.

Tsaka ung daw mahirap sa mga tao, mapagtampo sila, which is super duper true!! Kapag hindi nabigay ung gusto kung ano ano na ginagawa na nakakasakit sa damdamin ni Lord. /Sobrang natamaan ako dito/ Dapat daw hinde, we should trust God. Kailangan natin magtiwala at maniwala ng buong buo kay Lord. Ito ung time na kaya natin tumawa kahit na andaming problema. (kulang din ako neto)

Basta Lord this year, Your will be done po. Kung anong plano Niyo para sa akin/sa amin pipilitin kong intindihin at tanggapin. 🙂