He left


I was thinking of making a separate post about this one. But Mr. Procrastination got in the way and Mr. Brain cannot function properly since the qualifying exam. Besides, Mr. Heart is slowly moving on with all the frustration it felt since the breaking news. Yes, Zayn Malik officially left One Direction. Without any clues or preparation, he left us. I really don’t know exactly what I felt that day. I was confused, dumb-founded, disappointed, and most of all hurt.

You see, Zayn is my most favorite among the band members. At first, it was just about his good looks then I properly heard his beautiful singing voice then I discovered how unimaginably kind he is. In fact, he is the kindest member of the band (at least for me). He is a family man, a one-woman man, and a believer of God. He is not exactly as what the media presents to us. If you’re not a fan or you’re just someone who knows Zayn Malik you will probably think that he is a bad boy and a guy who smokes and does bad things. But I’m telling you, he is not. Well, he smokes (obviously) and he does bad things to other people who hurt his friends or family. I know he is not perfect and maybe that’s the reason why he kind of left us. He’s tired of all the issues that the media throws at him and his family, he’s tired of all the inconsiderate fans, he is tired of leaving his family behind during tours, and he is tired of making other people happy to the extent that he’s not happy with what he is doing anymore, and thus slowly losing himself.

Just like all of us, he is trying to find himself once again. It may not be the right thing for us (his fans) but maybe it is the right thing to do for him. I am not ultimately agreeing with his decision, you know. I am still hoping that he would come back to 1D again. But then, as I said, it’s not my (our) decision to make. And we do not obviously have the right to dictate him.

Anyway, I still wish you all the best Zayn and I hope this path that you chose will genuinely make you happy! I am still a fan you know! Let’s see where this direction can take us.


Your ultimate fan and forever nakama

Menia ❤

(Well, in the end I made a separate post eh? Hahaha!)



Since last week, after prelims, puro panunuod lang ng movies inaatupag ko. I just can’t push myself to do anything that is, well, “productive”. I guess, sobrang napagod lang ako nung last exam. Like parang one month kameng nagrereview?? But going back, gusto ko lang i-share yung super duper inspirational movie na napanood ko ngayon. Ang dami kong natutunan sa movie na ‘to: God’s Not Dead

Yes, I am a Christian but that doesn’t mean na I know everything about God. I may sound ‘awkweird’ right now, dahil I am not really good when it comes to explaining about my faith.. Masyado akong magulo kapag ineexplain ko ‘to. Haha. Pero I am so so so sure about my faith naman. Again, going back, sobrang importante ng movie na ‘to. Yun ata ung pinaka appropriate na word para idescribe ito. Madami kasing mga facts about God dito. Like ung perspective ng mga atheist, ganon. And for example kung naguguluhan ka at madami kang tanong about the existence of God, please do watch this movie. I promise, it will surely help you and your faith. Or kung madaming kume-question about your faith, this movie will help you kung paano panindigan until the end yung paniniwala mo. Konti palang yan, please please guys do watch this movie.

Share ko lang yung mga favorite lines ko:

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is also faithful in much.”

And if I might add:

But in his book “The God Delusion”, Richard Dawkins says that, “If you tell me God created the universe, then I have the right to ask you who created God.”

Dawkins’ question only makes sense in terms of God who has been created. It doesn’t make sense in terms of an uncreated God, which is the kind of God that Christians believe in. And even leaving God out of the equation, I then have a right to turn Mr. Dawkins’s own question back around on him and ask, “If the universe created you, then who created the universe?”

Speechless nako. Wala na. Hay. Thank you Jesus for this movie. Oo nga pala, you can download the movie here!

Godbless your weekends! 🙂

that’s the thing about “finacc”, it demands to be felt

  • FINACC. Heto nanaman tayo e!! Why can’t you just love me back kase. I’ve been loving you for 1 year already but still 😦
  • NEW FRIENDS. It’s so hard to be separated from your best friends especially when you’re with them since first year.. hayy. Sepanx! But it feels great to have new friends and all.
  • SCHEDULE. So, for the 3rd year students I guess it’s already normal to have a evening sched.. so far, I like it naman. For two days this week we did not have our classes and that’s a big factor already to love this new schedule that we have. Although, I’m still not used to it.
  • 3 MAJORS. I can’t feel pa naman the pressure of having more than 1 major, since I have three amazing profs, all is well.
  • 7TH FLOOR. It is so obvious that for this semester, being late is not allowed. Bruhh. Nope, I won’t use the stairs. Never. (iwish) Well, the good thing about my room and my schedule is that you can clearly see the beautiful sunset. Di ko pa napipicturan. But soon, okay? Okay.

Goodevening, 2014!!!

#Wonderful2014 uy, ganda ng hashtag na ‘to no? Nakakaexcite lalo. Haha, okay, kwekwento ko lang ung sermon ng pari kanina haha sabi niya kase this year dapat mas magfocus tayo kay Lord at hindi puro para sa sarili lang. We should depend more kay Lord this year, dapat bago ung plano “ko”, isipin muna natin kung ano nga ba ung plano “niya” para sa atin. Sabi nga diba, “Your will be done”. Alam ko nung 2013 yan ung kulang sa akin eh, masyado akong nagdedepende sa sarili ko, e andyan naman si Lord bakit ko nga ba sinasalo lahaaaat kung may tutulong naman sa aken. Diba diba.

Tsaka ung daw mahirap sa mga tao, mapagtampo sila, which is super duper true!! Kapag hindi nabigay ung gusto kung ano ano na ginagawa na nakakasakit sa damdamin ni Lord. /Sobrang natamaan ako dito/ Dapat daw hinde, we should trust God. Kailangan natin magtiwala at maniwala ng buong buo kay Lord. Ito ung time na kaya natin tumawa kahit na andaming problema. (kulang din ako neto)

Basta Lord this year, Your will be done po. Kung anong plano Niyo para sa akin/sa amin pipilitin kong intindihin at tanggapin. 🙂