I’ll make no excuses for leaving this blog for awhile because first, I don’t have any, and second, I’ve been too busy dealing with my life lately aka my reality.

The past three months has been mostly about school. My life, as boring as it is, came back with its usual routine but with a twist. I am now starting to realize that I am getting older and soon I have to act like an adult. Every night, I can’t help but to think about what I really want to do with my life. Yes, I am an accountancy student and I want to graduate, pass the board exam, and be a CPA. But lately, I’ve been wondering if I can really do it. There are a lot of accountancy students out there who are far more intelligent and confident than I am. Ang hirap kasi, e. It’s so hard to work to be on top when everyone else seems to get it in the easiest way. It seems unfair at nakakawalang-gana. Last semester, I lost my chance to graduate with flying colors. Not that I am hurt, I am just too disappointed with myself. Kung ginalingan ko pa sana, kung nagsipag pa sana ako, kung nagpuyat pa sana ako ng isa pang oras, at kung nagsagot pa sana ako ng isa pang problem, baka andyan pa, baka may chance pako, baka sakaling mas maging proud ang parents ko. 

Pero inisip ko nalang, may mas maganda sigurong plano si Lord sa aken. I have to let go some things in order to give space for something better. Ito talaga siguro yung pagiging adult; learning how accept things even if hurts, letting go of things that you can never change, and accepting the fact that not everything happens the way you want them to. I can’t say that I have learned a lot about life for the past nineteen years but now that I am almost tweenteen-y, I’ll try my best to experience life to the fullest. I still have a lot to learn. Madami pa, sobra. I am nowhere near my ideal self. Sabi nga sa PDPR, self-development is a long-term commitment. Kaya cheers to slowly becoming an adult, menia! Enjoy your journey! 🙂

U too, have a wonderful journey to whatever road you take! x


I was a grade five elementary student (if I am not mistaken) when I first watched Naruto, and from then on I became a great fan of Anime. Naruto just ended last two days, again if I am not mistaken, and couldn’t believe that it really is over. It was my first favorite anime and it was the anime that got me into more animes and mangas. I am making this post because I felt the need to thank its mangaka and to everyone who became part of the amazing and epic story of Naruto. Thank you for making my childhood fun, Masashi Kishimoto! Thank you for 15 years of adventures with my ramen boy, for sharing your world with us, for letting me feel how to be a ninja every time I watch Naruto and for teaching me not to give up with my hopes and dreams. Thank you, Naruto. I will surely miss you. Thank you for the memories and great episodes!

PS: See you soon?


I couldn’t think of what should I say about these pictures yesterday lol that’s why I am posting this now. What, what am I saying??

Anyways, these pictures were taken during my week. Haha, obviously. Can everyone agree that I have (at least, for me) the cutest socks in the world? I have the green one too! I don’t even want to start on the middle picture.. coz it is obviously a shameless selfie with- wait I think that’s a dog? Or omg what the heck is that haha wait tiger maybe? Right, it is a tiger! Idk and idc. And of course my candy mag, bought it for forty pesos only. Hahaha, you know why!!

Well this post is not so meaningful, but it’s okay because i am happy, actually more than happy, coz we have no class tomorrow!!! Hayd. Bye ok bye

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Lol. Sorry for the hashtags! Anyways, it’s always a great feeling when you spend time with your loved ones. We actually do this once a week, every sunday specifically. Even if my father is broke lol he would always make sure that we spend time together.. hehe. 🙂

Thank u Lord for the life of my family! We love you. 🙂